November 19, 2006
Geography Club
The girls are in a Geography Club with some other kids from the local homeschool group.
It's fantastic - once a month, we get together and each family (each child, for families with older kids) presents a short report about a country. After all the reports are presented, we have lunch, a sampling of foods from each country. Thanks to Nino's cheesy help [bad pun, I know], I was able to make arroz con queso. It was a hit - almost every kid had a second helping!
The last two months, we did South American countries. In October, we shared a country with another family, since my girls are preK and 2nd grade. This month, because that other family is out of town, the girls and I did the research on Bolivia on our own. The girls had a great time finding pictures of the crops grown in the country and pictures of the patron saints. We read about some basic history, and talked about how poor the country is and what kind of work some of them do. Bookworm labeled a map and Silly Sally colored the flag. Bookworm dictated her report, while I typed it for easy reading. It was really fun to do this project together. They pasted all their pictures along with the map and flag onto a cardboard display.
I was getting a little emotional, watching how confidently Bookworm read the report in front of the other kids. Sally kept dropping the display of their cut out pictures, but in general, they did a great job. I was feeling particularly proud of my girls as they went back to their seats.
As Sally sat down, she looked at me and, with an incredulous expression, said, "That was TERRIBLE!"
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