November 13, 2006
I like being able to wear jeans and long sleeves every day, but turning on the heat? I thought I was looking forward to winter - eh, notsomuch.
Dry skin
Warm air blowing from the vents
blowing dust up my nose (guess I better dust!)
frizzy hair
the desire to curl into the chair with a blanket and a book and a mug of something hot to drink, thus rending me completely unable to accomplish anything in a timely manner
Cold weather.... I don't like wearing socks, yet am forced to keep them on my feet during days like today. I guess it could be worse... I remember mornings when my hair would freeze into curl-cicles as I waited for the school bus. Maybe I knew then that I was destined to make The Sunshine State my home? Only now I'm in Georgia, which still has near-perfect weather when you average the year. But.... we'll know later this week if we're moving to where it snows.
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