November 19, 2008
Day 19: Doctors and Rejection
I'm so relieved to have my doctor here in Florida. She's a wonder and even though she can't treat whatever's going on long-term, she's going to help me get it under control now. Thank God. Also, if you don't have a doctor who listens to you and tries to help, find a new doctor - now.
And I just want to comment that no amount of wine erases the rejection of a parent. Not that I use wine as an eraser or anything at all like that. Nope, not me. Actually, I wasn't using it as an eraser, it just happened into my mind that no matter how much I had this evening, it really didn't stop the feelings of inadequacy - even though I know those feelings are unfounded, no matter what my parents have tried to convince me.
Also, cousins totally rock. Especially ones who've been your best friend your whole lives. And drinking wine with them makes for fantastically fun evenings, no matter who else is around. Plus, I need to go shower to rid myself of the campfire smell in my hair.
Good night.
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