November 12, 2008
Day 12: Traveling
Today, I have a ton of stuff to do - packing for a nearly 3 week trip. We have a family wedding in two days (!!!Ack! I suppose I'm not going to drop a couple pounds so my pretty new dress drapes more nicely....). Since the wedding is at our hometown church, we're just staying through Thanksgiving to spend some time with our parents and husband's grandparents.
Actually, Husband is only staying the weekend before flying to southern California for work stuff. Then, he comes home for 5 days before flying back to FL for most of the Thanksgiving weekend.
And tonight, I'm hosting a Moms' Night Out, so I better get off the computer and get our suitcases packed and get the house ready, plus get to the store so I can make chocolate fondue for tonight!
If I post a cute picture of the girls in their All Hallows Eve costumes, will you forgive me for two rotten posts in a row?

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