November 15, 2008
Day 15: Go Gators
My husband is a Gator. He has turned our children into baby gators (fans, not reptiles). They point out every sign, sticker and flag that has UF Gators on it. The note frequently that "it's a Gator Nation, baby!"
He is blessed to have a friend who treats him to a game at UF once each season - for the past 9 years. Since we're home for a wedding (which was last night and we are beyond thrilled for Silly Sally's godmother - the best part of the night was seeing her so HAPPY), Husband requested this weekend's game. So, he's on his way now to Gainesville to partake in an afternoon of cheering and hanging out with his buddy.
Last night at the reception, Bookworm told us that her sister "passed out" flat on her back on the floor after seeing the groom's cake. "Must be some cake." we thought - maybe something like from Ace of Cakes? So we went to see what her commotion was all about.
Husand's favorite part of the wedding reception last night? Not the food or drink or dancing: it was seeing the groom's cake - with a a Gator on it.
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