November 10, 2008
Day 10: Gypsy
Last Friday evening, Husband and I had balcony seats at St. James Theatre to see Patti Lupone in Gypsy.
Although the storyline is rather depressing what with the whole wacko stage mom and poverty and the eventual demoralization of her daughter, this show was absolutely fantastic. The entire cast was wonderful and it was clear why Patti Lupone has the reputation as a star.
She owned the stage, the entire show. Her presence transformed the theatre. I'm not a big celebrity-phile, but we stayed after the show outside the door of the theatre with a smallish group, waiting to greet the star herself. I was so stunned that I got a photo of her sweatshirt. Yes, her sweatshirt. Her beautiful smile is at the top edge of the frame, but really? Her sweatshirt? I'm such a dork.
She did sign my playbill, though, and I was happy to tell her personally that I think she's a rock star.
If you have the opportunity to go to Broadway and see a show, I highly recommend this one. The smallish theatre meant there really were no bad seats, the cast was awesome, and Patti Lupone really shone as brightly as the lights in Times Square. Very obviously, she deserves every accolade and award she's received.
More on our trip later.
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